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There are many ways to deal with problems and often caliamo to play a role in addressing these different issues.

Putting on the “hat” in the conduct of a meeting wants to be mean to take a leading role, and that role may change depending on the hat you choose to wear.

This method can return useful to make meetings less confrontational, and certainly more profitable in terms of its management.

Serve and lead six different hats to consider something from different points of view allows to go beyond the normal boundaries that we submit our thoughts and our ideas. “Telescoping a clown suit allows us to make the clowns”, suggesting that such a criterion can consider and approve the things that usually do not would build part of our way of thinking. The complaint that we undertake is transformed to a better autonomy of expression, brought about by the Six Hats by Edward De Bono

White Hat: Analysis of data, facts, information hoarding, logic, objectivity, objectivity, comparisons and similarities, this activity is carried out without posing with preconceptions or precostruzioni.

The white color reminiscent of impartiality, the data free of judgment, the facts. When a meeting is requested to present to put on the white hat, he invites them to put aside

dissertations and judgments to focus on relationships. It ‘a way to reap all the information available and to clarify what data is missing.

Red Hat: Emotionality, anger, passion. Express their ideas at first glance, like a raging torrent, like when you’re a kid who express their emotions without pretense, essential in order to consider also the strangest sensation.

Red is the color of emotions, enthusiasm. Emotions are usually driven out of the meetings, but emerge vaguely disguised as logical views The red hat instead gives full right to the emotions. The insights can create excellent results.

Black Hat: The devil that brings out the possible risks, the reasons for which the project will be subject to failure.

Black recalls the judiciary, the judge critical and cynical, is the color of prudence, all the obstacles, dilemmas, the likely unfavorable episodes in meeting bring the black hat is extremely valuable to avoid the errors, stop misconceptions before they take field. The black hat is abundantly used, probably too much, and raises the risk of cutting the bud also very valid project ideas should not be considered a pessimistic person.

Yellow Hat: The proactive, positive person who brings up the opportunities, benefits that might come to grasp, promotes hope in organizations.

It ‘s the color of the sun, confidence, positive outlook. Bring the yellow hat indicates favorable sides see also ideas at first glance little dazzling. The yellow effects often generates more profitable.

Green Hat: identifies the activities cre-new visions, new ideas, improving the organization.

Green indicates the confidence votes, any possibilities, new visions. The green hat is a push to build innovation, unusual solutions to identify new opportunities.

Blue hat: Set priorities, procedures and processes. Organize, sort and laying down methods ‘AND’ THE DIRECTOR OF ORCHESTRA “sums it makes operating the various visions.

Blue as the sky, Who wears the blue hat leads and directs discussion, the blue hat is worn by those who oversees the meeting and directs the ideas of others.

“Strategic planning goes into crisis when the future refuses to assume the role assigned by the planners” Edward De Bono

L'autore: Gianluca Gaggioli

Gianluca Gaggioli: coniugato, con tre figli tutti nati a breve distanza, non si sa come trovi anche il tempo di "dilettarsi" sulle tematiche di qualità e management. Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the railroad manufacture industry, railway applications, behaviour of materials and components. Skilled in ISO 9001 14001 45001 15085-2 CL.1 19001 COCS 30 Trenitalia P096 Trenord, Management, Continuous Improvement, EN UNI ISO Standards, Behavior-based safety (BBS). Sales/Commercial experience in the railroad manufacture industry "Order backlog approximately 4,000,000÷6,000,000 million euro in orders / projects (Products / Services)" for the period 2018-2020. Advisor for the main manufacturers of railway vehicles, trains and metro subway; da Giugno 2011 Editor in Chief di Organizzazione Qualità. .

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