The spirit of fun even in the worst moments

Di Gianluca Gaggioli pubblicato mercoledì 30 gennaio 2013 in La direzione impegno politica pianificazione |

Valentino ROSSI

The draw ideas for entertainment, perform their duties in an engaging both for themselves and for others, it becomes important

even in the most “dark” of his professional career.

“It is stronger than your head if you manage to stay calm and have fun even when things are not going well, and if you manage to stay attached to the self-confidence and teamwork” (1)

Being able to take stock of the situation, even in moments of great complexity, be confirmed and the team leader, calling for further efforts to their group even when the mission becomes impossible becomes the charism, in order to win the difficulties are to demonstrate.

Important is mutual respect between members of the group, to be available to play a tough task with the assurance that every single member of the endeavors with the same intensity in mutual respect among colleagues, thus identifying attitude and professionalism point of mutual stimulation.

Having one or more individual talent is important but ……. “The talent makes you win a game. The intelligence and teamwork make you win a championship, “(2), believing in us and in the group, never stop believing, non-stop, this never becomes critical to better address the challenges, whether the most impossible.

There will be times when certain members of the group, (Team Leader) will be asked more, the impossible, to obtain unexpected results, contemplating that during the course there may be some losses, not everything is always pink and flowers, but directing everything to the achievement of the victory: “I have scored eleven times winning baskets at the buzzer, and another seventeen times in less than ten seconds to go, but in my career I was wrong more than nine thousand shots. I’ve lost almost three hundred games. Thirty-six times my friends have given me the decisive shot and I was wrong. In life I’ve failed many times. And that’s why in the end I won everything “(3)

In the worst times to be aware of trying to touch the limit, and notice immediately that with the help of your mind and your companions you can go further, all this achieved with the spirit of the fun of going beyond the limits.

Remember the belief in ourselves, if we are unable to believe in ourselves, we can almost certainly expect others to do for us, we should be able to be us (YOU) to say at certain times hey guys come on over! ! The knowledge of being nobody to know your limits, but also know that no one should be better than you.

“It’s the magic of risking everything for a dream come true that nobody sees …” (4)

The “prowess” mental part of the character, maybe you can learn and improve, it is stronger than your head if you are able to stay calm and enjoy themselves even when things do not spin smoothly, and if you are able to not ever lose confidence in themselves and in the work of the team to which we belong.

Just one word: personality that will be able to capture the spirit of fun, even in the worst moments.

(1) Valentino Rossi (pilot)

(2) Michael Jordan (basketball player)

(3) Michael Jordan (basketball player)

(4) Narrator in “Million Dollar Baby” (film)

L'autore: Gianluca Gaggioli

Gianluca Gaggioli: coniugato, con tre figli tutti nati a breve distanza, non si sa come trovi anche il tempo di "dilettarsi" sulle tematiche di qualità e management. Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the railroad manufacture industry, railway applications, behaviour of materials and components. Skilled in ISO 9001 14001 45001 15085-2 CL.1 19001 COCS 30 Trenitalia P096 Trenord, Management, Continuous Improvement, EN UNI ISO Standards, Behavior-based safety (BBS). Sales/Commercial experience in the railroad manufacture industry "Order backlog approximately 4,000,000÷6,000,000 million euro in orders / projects (Products / Services)" for the period 2018-2020. Advisor for the main manufacturers of railway vehicles, trains and metro subway; da Giugno 2011 Editor in Chief di Organizzazione Qualità. .

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