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Usually we use to evaluate a company certainly measurable parameters such as efficiency and productivity by limiting the argument to the sphere of ” systematic ” and ” methodical ” .

But what vision behind the imagination of a captain of industry , Einstein said that ” the logical port from A to B but imagination leads everywhere,” the fact of being able to “see” new business opportunities and innovative solutions that is imagination.

Certainly the exchange between reality and imagination born Cre – activity , ” the ‘ importance of initiating a new project to imagine the immense scenarios for the future ” Umberto Galimberti .

The imagination characterizes those who want to evolve , the organization that is looking for the new with the capital “N” , ranging from “simple” service think of the pizza delivery, up to the most high-tech products , think of ” superconductors . ”

The ” successful prediction ” Hamel and Prahalard talk about the product and a clear vision of Randomness , “The conclusion was imposed : the direction of some teams just gave proof of clairvoyance greater than others. Some could imagine products, services and business sectors integers that do not yet exist , and to speed the birth . Clearly , those teams lost no time in worrying about positioning their firm’s existing competition in the spaces , since they had already begun to create new ones.

more worried about the preservation of the past that the conquest of the future. ”

Companies that evolve are those that focus on innovation anot on maintaining their position consolidated by time, imagine the future upsetting today.

We can then define the imagination as ” strategic foresight “, ” enlightening commitment to the future” Berger .

As well said Maurice Allais , “there will never be perfect models of , but only approximate models ” and adds ” among different models , the best will always be the one that approximated what date will represent in the most simple observational data .”

To reinforce the idea of innovation is again a hand tends Einstein when he says : “The world today has problems which can not be solved by thinking the same way as when we created ” , so always be wary of ideas ” from the tyranny of the dominant ” Maurice Allais .

In modern organizations must ensure that the “innovators ” are not pilloried as the novel revolutionaries , we must ensure that people emerge in companies capable of breaking the ” organizational silence ” Milliken Morrison , Knowing how to evolve the organization from what is obvious , granted, existing in a new light, Innovation, passing from shadow to light , the new enlightenment , a new and perennial industrial revolution , ” killing ” the perennial conformity that dominates the organized bodies .

Imagination becomes the engine that opens up new avenues for innovation , “imagination is more important than knowledge ” Einstein and the act through different eyes , seeing what surrounds us with a ” window ” different , which opens onto the world also different and changing thanks to ourselves : Becoming ourselves the engine of innovation .

” When you build a vision from the base of the experience of each individual, to project with the intellect , imagination and heart into something that does not exist yet . For this reason, if we develop a wider vision and developed this process will turn into something open , a group that pushes us to grow and move forward . ”

Kant already considered ” an essential tool for imagination the perception of this , and due to this vision that it is possible to transform the experience , the world of real devoted to its changeability his change.”

The “not being locked within frames, ………. , everything can always be called into question ” Bourbon- Busset .

In conclusion bringing some famous phrases on the ability to dream :

Friedrich Nietzsche : “In the process of the dream man exercising at the real life”

Walt Disney : ” If you dream it then you can do it ”

Paulo Coelho : “The world is in the hands of those who dare to dream and take the risk to live their dreams

Albert Einstein : “Imagination is more important than knowledge . Knowledge is limited , imagination encompasses the world ”

Victor Hugo : “There is nothing like dream to create the future “

L'autore: Gianluca Gaggioli

Gianluca Gaggioli: coniugato, con tre figli tutti nati a breve distanza, non si sa come trovi anche il tempo di "dilettarsi" sulle tematiche di qualità e management. Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the railroad manufacture industry, railway applications, behaviour of materials and components. Skilled in ISO 9001 14001 45001 15085-2 CL.1 19001 COCS 30 Trenitalia P096 Trenord, Management, Continuous Improvement, EN UNI ISO Standards, Behavior-based safety (BBS). Sales/Commercial experience in the railroad manufacture industry "Order backlog approximately 4,000,000÷6,000,000 million euro in orders / projects (Products / Services)" for the period 2018-2020. Advisor for the main manufacturers of railway vehicles, trains and metro subway; da Giugno 2011 Editor in Chief di Organizzazione Qualità. .

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