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Light Bulb No. 1

The development of a new product always poses a series of questions to be addressed as to start who wants to be the concept and the basis on which you want to develop .

Mainly the basis on which you are working will be the sharing of ideas of the working group that has the task of developing the concept, this group must possess in-depth knowledge inherent in the concept that you’ll want to develop and the expectations that potential customers have about it.

The development process will weave between the various needs that have to be forced to consider what the customer requests, optimize costs , the need for the various stakeholders may have.

It will go in-depth investigation through special reports that take into account the opportunities that the market can offer, what benefit can derive satisfaction in terms of the end user to define in advance a serious and precise branding activities and what will be the process by implemented at the end of the launch of the product / service on the market , determining a “fair” price (win all)

But what this team is still lacking in order that everything can flow smoothly ……… a project manager from the recognized leadership with specific technical skills and who can motivate at all stages his team .

The design in these cases is critical to the success of a new product, design, identification of benefits that the new product has to reach , hardware and functionality associated with durability.

The production “improvement” as engineered by optimizing the production stages of the process by correcting errors not calculated from engineering to optimize the whole in terms of quality , cost and time , optimizes the production logistics , performs together with all units in the first batch of team lil production ( First Article inspection) .

The stages of development of a new concept must ensure that processes are well managed from the planning by identifying the critical points , the mission of the project is to be clear , the level of desirable quality monitoring all processes in order to improve the concept for the future plan of development and evolution.

L'autore: Gianluca Gaggioli

Gianluca Gaggioli: coniugato, con tre figli tutti nati a breve distanza, non si sa come trovi anche il tempo di "dilettarsi" sulle tematiche di qualità e management. Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the railroad manufacture industry, railway applications, behaviour of materials and components. Skilled in ISO 9001 14001 45001 15085-2 CL.1 19001 COCS 30 Trenitalia P096 Trenord, Management, Continuous Improvement, EN UNI ISO Standards, Behavior-based safety (BBS). Sales/Commercial experience in the railroad manufacture industry "Order backlog approximately 4,000,000÷6,000,000 million euro in orders / projects (Products / Services)" for the period 2018-2020. Advisor for the main manufacturers of railway vehicles, trains and metro subway; da Giugno 2011 Editor in Chief di Organizzazione Qualità. .

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