UNI EN ISO 1182 Test of non-combustibility

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UNI EN ISO 1182 Test of non-combustibility

This standard has been developed for those responsible for the choice of construction products, in order that these products produce minimal heat production when exposed to a temperature of 750 ° c

The legislation remember that when performing this sort of evidence you have to be extremely careful because gases may be toxic / harmful.

Other normative references

EN 13238

EN ISO 13943

EN 60584

In step 3 of the UNI EN ISO 1182 are given precise definition of the terms and definitions such as the definition of product, material, fill material in bulk, homogeneous, non-homogeneous product, substantial component.

Point 4 of the increasingly standard defines the test equipment, which must be able to reproduce the conditions of point 7.1

Then we find that in Section 4.3 are placed references to the composition of the tubes to be of nickel-chromium alloy or steel wires resistant to high temperatures, whereas in 4.4 – 4.5 4.6 4.7 up to 4.14 will be placed at the focus to: thermocouple temperature sensors, mirrors, scales up to the stopwatch and dryer

In step 7 are taken into exams test procedures:

7.1 Test environment – here is to highlight that the test apparatus must not be subject to currents or directly exposed to sunlight, even the lighting has to be treated carefully in order to carefully observe the flame.

7.2 Method of tuning

7.3 Gate tube

7.4 Thermocouple – here is explained in reference to what is reported in Section 44.3 which must be the position of the thermocouple and any other thermocouples

7.5 Power supply here indicates that the heating element of the oven must be connected to a surge protector, see point 4.8, – 4.9 transformer – 4.10 monitoring of power supply.

7.6 Stabilization of the oven – is defined as the power supply of the furnace, and his recording of the measured values.

At the end of the tests will focus on the expression of the inheent results:

Mass loss, flame, and temperature increase.


The test report shall include at least the following information. Must be made a

clear distinction between the data provided by the sponsor and data determined by the test.

reference to the fact that the test was carried out in accordance with EN ISO 1182 [but

see b)];

any deviations from the test method;

name and address of the testing laboratory;

date and identification number of the report;

name and address of the guarantor;

name and address of the manufacturer / supplier of the product, if known;

arrival date of the sample;

identification of the product;

description of the sampling procedure, if necessary;

a general description of the product tested including density,

mass per unit area and thickness, as well as the construction details of the product;

details of conditioning;

date of the test;

calibration results expressed as point 7.3.1 and point 7.3.2;

Test results expressed as the point 8, and from the point C.5 in case of use of

Additional thermocouples;

observations made during the test;

the statement: “The test results relate to the behavior of the tubes

of a product under the particular conditions of test, are not intended as the sole criterion

for the evaluation of the potential fire hazard of a product during

the use. ”

Soon we’ll investigate the remaining understood and enter further into detail of each paragraph of the rule, for further information please refer always to the UNI EN ISO 1182

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