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These fall into two types of intervention as provided for in section 8.5 of the standard “Improvement”

Each organization must be structured in order to put in place specific procedures for managing these types of actions in order to prevent or reduce the effects for the future of the causes of non-compliance is attached thereto the system / product / service.

Corrective Actions you are to develop as a result of non-compliance and to prevent its repetition.

You can take corrective action as a result of:

customer complaints

Non-compliance of the material or service or as a result of activities performed in coerenz not in order or specifications related to it.

Management of such action are generally charged to RSGQ that verify its effectiveness.

There may be cases in which we must address the issue of corrective actions in more depth, in which case it will open a specific file.

The Preventive Actions tend to prevent and eliminate any hypothetical causes that can potentially generate non-compliance.

Often these types of actions are born:

Comparison between products / services similar provision already

Following controls the production process / service

Following statistical analysis

In response to specific requests from the client whether client or entity within the organization.

Fundamental result of this specific activity becomes verify the effectiveness on system / product / service of the actions taken.

“In order to take in a revolutionary way on the road to improvement is necessary that the improvement becomes a duty, a part of the daily work, written in the job description of each” Joseph Juran

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Gianluca Gaggioli: coniugato, con tre figli tutti nati a breve distanza, non si sa come trovi anche il tempo di "dilettarsi" sulle tematiche di qualità e management. Experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the railroad manufacture industry, railway applications, behaviour of materials and components. Skilled in ISO 9001 14001 45001 15085-2 CL.1 19001 COCS 30 Trenitalia P096 Trenord, Management, Continuous Improvement, EN UNI ISO Standards, Behavior-based safety (BBS). Sales/Commercial experience in the railroad manufacture industry "Order backlog approximately 4,000,000÷6,000,000 million euro in orders / projects (Products / Services)" for the period 2018-2020. Advisor for the main manufacturers of railway vehicles, trains and metro subway; da Giugno 2011 Editor in Chief di Organizzazione Qualità. .

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